Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FREE GPRS hack trick for uninor gsm mobile-working in

We have already provided working GPRS tricks for Reliance GSM, Airtel, Aircel, Idea for this months and this time it is for Uninor GSM network. You need to configure your mobile manually to use proxy setting and the details required are mentioned below:

PROXY status: ON
PORT – 8080
Home page –
This setting is working in some states only and please let me know if it worked for you by commenting. Enjoy

BSNL Recharge Balance Transfer Trick

Hey friends..!!
BSNL Provides a Tricks for Transferring Your Balance to your friend/Fiancee Mobile.

Warning : Dnt Miss use This trick to steal money from your Friends Mobile ..!!

Just from the BSNL now you can transfer the money:

GIFT (BSNL NO.) (Amount)

and send it to 53733 or 53738

For eg.
GIFT 9451000000 50
to 53733 or 53738

Tip : If you really want that i will posts More n more trick..!!then why you waiting for …Comment below to encourage my efforts..!! and give your opinion and demand so i can know which trick you want to read ..!!

Working Trick for Tata docomo for free internet

Hi all readers. If you have tata docomo mobile here is good news for you.

The knowbest.Info has found the brand new trick for the free gprs on your docomo mobile .

So you have to do following step.

Just change following setting

Port: 8080

Monday, November 14, 2011

Free idea gprs-internet settings | free idea gprs hack

There are number of free airtel gprs tricks available but very few are available for idea or Vodafone. So here I m presenting another idea trick for free gprs and internet on your mobile phone. But as I always say these tricks don’t work for a long time as the service providers are now using better tracking systems and hence they block the proxies as soon as they come across them. So try this out and enjoy free idea gprs if it works for you.

One more thing that I will like to tell you all is that even the proxies are also area specific, so if you can’t run free gprs, you should try searching for new proxies. Before you get this trick working you must ensure the following criteria:

1. You balance must be between Rs.15 to Rs.20.
2. Send the activation message only once.
3. Always use proxy servers for opening any site.
4. For using internet from pc or laptop take care that you use smart browser to surf internet.

To get this trick working you must follow the steps given below:
1. If you have any gprs plan activated already, then you should deactivate it.
2. The next thing you need to do is to reactivate zero rental internet.
3. After 1 day of activation, send another message GP15 to 4444.
4. After 1 day of sending the second message you will have access to free idea gprs.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vodafone Free GPRS Hack

I have been receiving many emails asking about how to access free GPRS for Vodafone customers.Vodafone has been slightly strict about there GPRS until this hack has been found out.In order to get Vodafone free gprs,you will have to try out this method I’ve mentioned below exactly.This vodafone hack has been tested on many mobiles and found out to be effective.[In fact this is not a hack for getting free GPRS in vodaphone,but a flaw which has been missed by them]

Settings For Vodafone Free GPRS [mobile]
Account Name : Vodafone_gprs
Homepage : [or anything useful]
User Name: (not required)
Password :(not required)
Access Point Settings:[ to be configured in mobile,if not already given]
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9401
Data Bearer: Packet Data
Bearer Settings: [to be setup in mobile]
Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
Network type: IPV4
Authentication: normal
User Name :(not required)
Password :(not required)

After configuring these settings in your Vodafone mobile,check for connection.If you are unable to access free internet[GPRS] on your vodafone mobile using this trick,then switch off your mobile,reinsert sim card and switch ON again.Now you can browse on your mobile for free.

Free Internet with Airtel Hack

So,Are your Ready to use  airtel Net from your mobile for free…
All u need to have is
–>Serial/USB cable/Bluetooth dongle
–>Any Browser(I suggest Opera as we can browse both wap and other sites)
Now without wasting a minute let me jump into the actual working method
—>Activate Airtel Live sending a message MASALA ACTIVE to 121
—>Create a profile with the following settings in your data account under Data Communication
USERNAME : blank
PASSWORD : blank
INTERNET MODE : HTTP or WAP (both works)
PORT : 8080
–>Create a new dial-up connection on your pc after connecting the mobile to pc,using the NEW CONNECTION WIZARD as follows
ISP Name : Anyname
Phone Number : *99***1#
Username and Password : blank
–>Configure your browser to use the proxy and port 8080.
–>Connect to the dial-up account. You will be connected at 115.2kbps
—>Now if you try to access any site on your mobile you ll get an error message like “Access Denied”
—>Open your browser, and start browsing and voila it opens the regular sites and if u beleive ull get a d/l speed of 5-6 kbps
Common Errors u Face:
If u are getting any error wile dialing a dial up connection than go to
Control panel>> Phone and modem>>>select modem and click on its properties >>advanced
and enter the following initialization commands
AT+CGDCONT=2, “IP”,””,”",0,0
It should be connected without any error now.

How to Hack Reliance GSM Mobiles for Free GPRS

From the beginning of 2009, we have been introduced to the services of Reliance GSM. GSM enables many features and such is GPRS. Everyone looks out for GPRS these days and without which your phones just look like dummy pieces. So, when these GPRS makes your phone so lively, it is natural that it will not be available readily on your phone. And, you don’t want to spend money; then, what do you do?


For this you will have to create a new profile with following credentials:
  • Type in the home Page:
  • Enter the IP Address:
  • Enter the Port: 8080
  • Type in the Access Point Name (APN):  smartwap
  • Type in the Proxy  Server Address:
  • Type in the Proxy Server Port : 9401 or 8080
Alternatively, you can also try the following credentials:

  • Type in the home Page:
  • Enter the IP Address:
  • Enter the Port: 8080
  • Type in the Access Point Name (APN):  rcomwap
  • Type in the Proxy Server Address:
  • Type in the Proxy Server Port : 8080
That’s it; now that you are done with the procedures, try any one of the two on your reliance phone and enjoy the free GPRS settings on it.

Aircel 3G Free Internet Hack Trick

Aircel 3g Free trick may now work with some of the states of India.
here i would like to publish the basic trick.

Step 1:
Check whether your sim is 3g or 2g.
if it is 3g Take a 2g SIM.
We need a 2G SIM.

Step 2:
Put one Month or 3 Day GPRS.
I Prefer One month plan because Data USage is Unlimited.

Step 3:
Upon activation of GPRS it take 10 min (minimum to activate).

In between this 10 Min try to convert your 2G sim to 3G SIM.
This can be done by sending START 3G to 121.

Rocking trik...

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